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In our current era of rapidly developing cancer drugs and therapies, we also see improvement of cancer treatment outcomes stagnating when it comes to determining quality of life or long-term survival. This is because while new treatments are making small incremental progress in outcomes, most cancer patients still depend on conventional methods that are both toxic and ineffective. While new cancer drugs are becoming more precise or targeted, less attention is being paid to the overall health and wellbeing of the patient, which we propose is essential for long-term cancer control and improving a patient’s quality of life.

Rx for Hope, backed by rigorous science and real-life patient cases, calls for an urgent reevaluation of the current conventional approach to cancer treatments and encourages a progressive treatment model combining metronomic low-dose chemotherapy with complementary integrative medicine. Along with new, breakthrough immunotherapy drugs, these treatments can potentially create a response powerful enough to not only eradicate the presence of cancer but also to prevent it from returning.

Because every 23 seconds someone in America is diagnosed with cancer, the number of people affected is growing rapidly. The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly two million new patients will need treatment in the coming year. Judging by current trends and methods of treatment, far too many of these people will be treated without the benefits of low-dose chemotherapy, and even less will enjoy the positive impact of immune-supportive complementary integrative medicine. Rx for Hope offers insight into a powerful way of treating cancer that patients and doctors can implement immediately for optimal results.

Community Leader Randy Neatherlin Continues to Stand Up for His Beliefs as He Fights His Own Battle With Cancer

January 6, 2012, By Rodika Tollefson for North Mason Life
To an outsider, it has been business as usual the past eight months for Randy Neatherlin, who is a commissioner with the Port of Allyn and Mason County Planning Commission, as well as being active with other boards and nonprofits. He attended a dozen or more meetings a month. He helped with Habitat of Humanity fundraisers. He sold real estate as a top John L. Scott broker. (Read More)

Dr. Chen Recognized by World Renowned Cancer Researcher Ralph W. Moss, PhD

Excerpts taken from a monthly publication by Ralph W. Moss, PhD:
Metronomic chemotherapy is the use of lower doses of chemotherapy than normal but on a more frequent (hyperfractionated) schedule. Its efficacy was first proposed by the great cancer scientist, Judah Folkman, in the 1990s as part of an anti-angiogenic strategy. Dr. Nick Chen*, the leading medical oncologist, at Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, makes a persuasive case that by giving drugs metronomically (in conjunction with naturopathic post-care) he can get exceptional results in a number of different cancers. In 2008, he presented a poster at a cancer conference in Hawaii that showed remarkable results in non-small cell lung cancer. This work definitely needs to be reproduced, but it is promising. Nick Chen impressed me greatly with his intelligence and experience. Several of our clients have gone to him since then and some have had really exceptional results. This was a fitting end to a very memorable clinic tour.