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Nick Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Chen is a board-certified medical oncologist, internist, and Ph.D. Immunologist with over 15 years’ experience in treating cancer patients using both chemotherapy and immunotherapy modalities. He is a pioneer in the clinical application of metronomic chemotherapy and integrative oncology in the management of advanced cancers. Dr. Chen grew up in a family with both parents being research physicians. His dad was a visiting professor in immunology and molecular biology at Yale University for over a decade. His mother was a pharmacologist. After completing his initial medical doctor training in China, he studied post-graduate hematology and immunology focusing on neuroimmunology with one of the early pioneers of immunology Professor Joseph Wybran at Erasmus hospital of University Libre de Bruxelles in Europe. He subsequently continued his study in immunology at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, Iowa focusing on the T-cell subset regulation of immune suppression vs immune enhancement and received his Ph.D. degree in immunology and microbiology from University of Iowa. He subsequently completed his internal medicine residency training at University of Nebraska Medical Center and oncology fellowship training at Moffitt cancer center in Tampa, Florida. Since August, 2002, Dr. Chen has practiced Medical Oncology at Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, first as a research director then medical director, where he has consistently helped his patients, especially those with difficult to treat stage IV cancers including lung cancers, pancreatic cancer, gastroesphageal cancers and high risk lymphomas achieve excellent clinical outcomes. Dr. Chen is a member of American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) and International Society of Integrative Oncology (SIO). Dr. Chen has presented findings from his outcome studies based on his treatment approaches at various national and international conferences including annual conference for ASCO, International Lung Congress, SIO, and Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

We will list on this site contact information for cancer treatment centers that utilize metronomic chemotherapy as a treatment approach. We do so, without endorsing any provider and encourage you to research their approach and ask about their treatment success rate.